Street Photography - when its too cold


Matt and I had agreed to meet in Brixton at 10am. I was on time, however Matt was running late. This normally wouldn't be a problem I would walk around scouting the area for good photo opportunities. But unfortunately it was one of the coldest days of the year, with snow drifts flying around and the lack of gloves it was pretty unforgiving! 

Once Matt arrived I wanted to move so we did. We had a quick walk around Brixton and checked out some of the street art, most of which I have already seen. I wanted to get out of Brixton as it is a bit of a hub for street photographers, especially those carrying expensive Leica's. 

Brixton street art

From Brixton we walked towards Stockwell, dealing with the snow storms and trying to keep our hands warm. I was shooting with my new Sony A7ii, I am still getting used to the camera and the 28-70mm lens. It feels quite different using a new camera and not using a prime lens is also quite a change. I guess the more I use the set up the more I will learn what makes a good photo. In time I will understand what colours work well and what focal lengths work best etc.


not much going on in Stockwell

As we walked through south London there wasn't much going on, I think everyone had thought to stay indoors as it was so cold. You can see the icicles in the picture above. The weather and the outdoor conditions are just one of the many things that you have to deal with when capturing street photography. The street is your studio!

empty skate park (one of London's oldest)

From Stockwell we continued to walk in an effort to keep warm. Having to remind myself that getting out walking with camera in any conditions is one of my favourite things! As we walked through Vauxhall there was the classic aftermath from the Club nights - such as Fire which I think was still open. We crossed over the river (Thames) via Vauxhall Bridge and headed to the Tate Britain. This was our chance to thaw out.

Tate Britain

green art at the Tate

The gallery was busy as you'd expect, Matt and I had a good look around checking out some of the immense work. There's so much of it on show, if you haven't been you really should. Its a shame when people don't go and appreciate what is on offer to see.

The images within this post show that we saw different types of art, Brixton street art to the Tate gallery art.