East London - street photography

Sunday street photography

I met Matt at Highbury and Islington station. From there we started our street photography walk heading south towards the canal. We passed by the Get Stuffed shop and also had a quick look at the Banksy on Essex Road - you can still see quite a bit of it. Matt was shooting with his Olympus Trip and I was shooting with my Leica C. It was good conditions for shooting relatively cloudy and dry.

Regents Canal

Once at the canal we headed east. The walk along the canal was cool apart from the having to move out of the way of all the runners and cyclists. We're a nation of runners you know! Along the way there was quite a lot to shoot. Lots of colour, mainly found within graffiti that was about. We continued to walk, chat and shoot. We made it to Victoria Park where we explored the Sunday Market there. The park was busy lots going on, we watched a bit of Sunday League football (brought back old memories). From there we walked towards Hackney Wick and made it to the Crate Brewery and Pizzeria. Crate is a micro brewery, its a cool place where cool people go. Its also right on the canal so it was a welcomed place to rest up for a bit. Over a beer and a cider (in my case) and a spicy pepporami pizza we reviewed our photos (well I did Matt was shooting film)! 

Olympic Stadium

From there we walked towards the Olympic Stadium in the area we found so much graffiti - probably the most I've seen in London. It was quite quiet as well so good for shooting as you can see in the photos. From there Matt got the train back to his. I then decided to walk back to my house in Leyton. (I walked over 25 thousand steps during this day!)

All in all I am happy with the shots I got, the conditions were ones that I favour. Looking through the shots their quite a mixture, but I didn't go out with any rules I just shot what I saw. Let me know what you think.