Photography Project 1 - everydayeveryday

This was the first monthly project that I set for myself. I posted what I captured online via Twitter using the hashtag #alseverydayeveryday

I was hoping this form of project would give my photography direction as I had a frame to work within.

The project itself should be easy, just take pictures of everyday things. But to be honest it was more difficult than I thought. I think I was worried whether the captures would be good enough to post. However thinking about it this isn't the point, the point is to capture the everyday! The pictures shown as a collection would be better than just one shot shown by itself.

The main learning from this project is that I need to think at the start of the month how I am going to get the shots. As in what camera do I need, when and what should I be shooting. With the everydayeveryday project I think I needed to be more disciplined in getting these shots. This reminds me of the Project365 I did back in 2012, I need to have the project at the front of mind at all times.

Each of my monthly projects will give me things I need to improve on, (that's kinda the idea!). I also need to understand why it wasn't a major success and try and improve on that within next months project.