shopping (offline)

Its a small thing but this made me happy. 

I walked to shop and spoke to somebody who worked at the shop. I asked for Cinestill and Portra film, 35mm. The man replied with 50 or 800? I replied with 800. (Referring to the speed of the Cinestill film.) The man left the counter and went through a door. The man opened the door and returned to the counter. He placed two rolls of film onto the counter.

Another man was behind the counter he was older looked like he'd been in the game for years, the owner I expected.

The original man pulled out an invoice book from under the counter. He wrote in it with a pen. He entered the two items and added VAT giving a total amount. He then said the total amount to me. I then gave the man some money. The man then gave me (less) money. The man gave me a copy of what he had written on pink paper. I picked up the 2 rolls of film along with the pink piece of paper.

I said thanks very much. He said thanks very much. I turned around and left the shop.

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