Brixton, Sunday 30th July 2017

It was Sunday afternoon and I had a spare few hours. So I went for a walk around Brixton to see if I could find anything to photograph. Using my Leica C in P mode I took a number of shots of what I saw. With it being a Sunday a number of the shops were closed thus the shutters were down. Some colourful some not so, but these give a good background and a starting point. Its a case of framing the shot and waiting for (something or) someone interesting to walk in front. Another method was shooting from the hip as interesting people are walking past all the time. This method if you time it right can work well, whilst also being a non-contact way of shooting.

The four images below are some of what I captured. I like each images as they include a range (a loose sequence) man, woman, child and a caged animal.