Instagram - following 39

Instagram is an app that I use quite a lot I look at it more than a few times a day! I am currently trying to post to it daily. Whilst there are a number of things I could talk about regarding Instagram, today I just going to talk about the 39 accounts that I follow. Firstly I follow some friends and family which is a good way to see what is happening in their lives, children growing up, where they have travelled to and what they've had for breakfast?! The remainder are a mixture of musicians, photographers and artists.

I will say I am strict with who I follow - there are a number of reasons why I may unfollow: annoying content, no content, repetitive content. There are also some followers who I have a soft spot for, for example 'I like to paint monsters'. This is the account of the Chet Zar film and has been with me since the start. If you don't know who Chet Zar is, you should!

Looking at the 6 music accounts I follow Sarah Lipstate is the one I will talk about. Sarah is a alternative guitarist, she is a one woman show. She is a genius with an electric guitar and an array of pedals. Always making cool sounds that I like.

The 7 artist and photography accounts I follow are all people I admire and enjoy their work from the cinemagraphs that Nico Goodden produces to the candid street shots of New York that Daniel Arnold will post. Below is a full list of the accounts I follow. I am also lucky to personally know some of these people!

In summary I enjoy my followers but I am careful not to follow too many accounts. I don't want my feed full up of crap and what people had for breakfast. They must be accounts that I can gain inspiration from. Try it, go through the accounts that you follow and get rid of the dead wood so you don't have to filter through shit that some people post.

Erik Kim the photography blogger deleted his Instagram account even though he had thousands of followers as he said it was a 'life distraction' and that Instagram own the followers and not you - its their platform right! Actually Facebook own Instagram so more opportunity for them to make more money and have data on us. I get this and may be I will delete my Instagram account one day but currently I enjoy looking through the photos as I said. An alternative suggested by Erik is delete the app for a month and see how bad or good it can be?

Daniel Arnold 

James Barkman

James Jean

Jimmy Turrell

Nicholas Goodden

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury

I like to paint monsters


Adam Jones

Sarah Lipstate

Lawrence English



Ben Howard