sunday 11am. I got the tube from Brixton to Pimlico. My aim was to shoot some long exposure shots of some of the architecture (near the river Thames) and include the moving clouds giving the sky that silky look. However once out of the tube at Pimlico looking up at the sky it was just white, overcast type clouds that weren't moving. Exactly what I didn't want.

But this was my only real opportunity to get out and shoot today so I wanted to make something. As I had my long exposure kit with me including my Manfrotto tripod and Cokin 10 stop filter I looked around to see what else would suit a long exposure shot, the river obvs! So I found a little paved balcony section on the north west side of the Vauxhall Bridge. I set up my tripod and set my camera to shutter priority I got it to 1/13 second whilst keeping the ISO as low as possible 100/200. I then used the Long Exposure Calculator app on my phone to work out what the shutter speed would be for another 10 stops. This gave me a shutter speed of 1 min 18 seconds. I put the camera into bulb mode, fixed the 10 stopper filter in place and using the Canon wireless remote I started the camera.

I waited 78 seconds for the camera to do its magic, and the results of my shot is the first image below. In Lightroom I changed the image to black and white and made a few adjustments. As you can see the image would have been so much better with definition in the sky, I could have added a graduated filter in Photoshop but to be honest I wanted to highlight (excuse the pun) what had happened. 

The second image was another long exposure even though you can't tell, this is again due to lack of movement in the sky. It would look much better with a smoky sky, but even so, I quite like this image. I used the same method as for the previous shot and amended a few things in Lightroom. I had to take the highlights down but apart from that not much was needed. I like the shape of the building - curves and lines etc.

Whilst these 2 shots weren't exactly what I was after I'm still happy with them. I will definitely be back at this location later in the year and shoot in the autumn/winter. Aiming to get more even longer exposures at night and probably looking to shoot colour, capturing different colour lights across the river etc.