Sunday Learning's

Last Sunday, my friend Matt and I ventured out for a bit of a photo walk. Matt had his Ricoh G2 and I had my Leica C - both good street photography cameras. Small and understated camera's that have great results when used on manual or program settings. My Leica has the zoom option which I find very useful allowing me to get some good abstract shots.

We met up at Shoreditch High Street overground in London early afternoon. It was packed with people being cool (it's Shoreditch!) and just being out in the sun. After walking around trying to find interesting things to possibly photograph some things were getting in the way. People, there were too many, yes of course you want people in street photography (actually not everyone does). 

Too many people, they were all getting in each others way and obviously ours.

Secondly it was too hot the light was so bright and not a cloud in the sky, it was difficult to get a good shot and see it.

Thirdly everyone seemed to have a massive camera, I think there were some graffiti tours or something going on as lots of people were taking photos with huge expensive looking DSLR's.

Whilst its great that people are out taking photos as soon as I saw this I almost hid my camera, I didn't want to be a tourist. I'm not I know, but being seen with my camera I could be one. So stealth became part of the walk, however after being out for an hour dodging people and tourist groups, I noticed the red battery indicator was flashing. Within 5 minutes the battery was dead. (My fault.)

So rather than take no more photos, I started taking some on my iphone 5s. I used the hipstamatic app which is cool for street photography. After a few minutes of shooting I was used to it and it was cool and I enjoyed it, however the heat had gotten to both of us. We retired to Victoria Park which was again full of people but there was ample space for us both to sit down and have a can of beer whilst reviewing some of the shots we'd taken.

Learnings - I don't need a massive camera, I made the best of what I had, check the weather, dress accordingly don't go where there are too many people, charge your battery before you go out (school boy error).