why i shoot film

anyone can shoot digital all you need is your phone. This is only possible because of digital. When I want to make a photo I want to have full control how I make it. Meaning I understand the settings I am using and how that will help me make the picture I want. 

In addition to this (capture) freedom, you are able to choose the type of film you want to use. There are the obvious ones portra 400 and the trx one (which are both lush) but I like to buy a load of 35mm expired film off eBay and see what results they produce. These films whilst all having their own qualities have different speeds. ISO rates. This again in my eyes makes the film camera process a more intricate, involved and a more appealing process.

Not seeing your photos is also cool part. Yeh I just said that! But when you shoot a roll of film and don't see the results immediately to look at for 5 seconds you will understand. The fact that I mentally leave those pictures and keep them on the film. Makes them all that more sweeter when I get the film developed and then get to see the results. Allows me to reengage with them remembering the time, place, people etc

Making less photographs is also cool. Yeh I just said that as well! Each shot is a more careful act. As you only get 36 or 24 exposures each film (if shooting 35mm film) each capture is more precious. I think it's just as good not to take a photo as it is to take a photo. It means that you have seen a point of interested, composed it, thought about whether it will work. And your photographic analysis that film requires says theres something better around the corner.

From a commercial point of view film probably won't work for me due to the limitations. But from a personal aspect I am definitely a more film kind of guy.