urban street photography in Leyton, East London

This street photography walk wasn't planned. It was just a simple short walk to Leyton, where I had a crepe and took some urban photo's along the way. I was shooting with my Cannon dslr through my 24mm lens. The object was just to capture what I saw and not give too much thought to it all. My camera mode was TV and my settings were iso800 and 1/100, which I kept throughout.

After finishing the crepe (which I enjoyed more than I thought I would) we stumbled upon a cool shop. The Laura Lea Design Boutique & Art Gallery. Helen and I had a good look around and really liked some of the pieces of work. I also had a chat to Laura about screen printing and how good the new Beck album is.

As we walked I don't think I really found any amazing street photography subjects, but I am starting to take my camera out with me every where I go. I think this slightly explains the randomness of these shots, but personally I like them. I am enjoying how using these settings can give a certain look, the pancake prime lens at iso800 captures light in a certain way. It does this whilst leaving the blacks alone which I like.

To sum up, it was only a short walk that I happened to take my camera on. As a result I had a number of shots that I was happy to post. I guess the moral of this is if you go for a walk you might stumble upon a cool shop and meet someone interesting. Added to this if you take your camera you'll get some shots and learn something about your photography.