a walk around 'the city'

Street photography is always welcome on a walk.

Up until 4 years ago I had worked in 'the city' of London - the city is basically the financial district of London. Since not working there I have missed the architecture and the history which I only appreciated once I wasn't there. As a result I thought it was time to go back, a tip is to go on the weekend as most of the offices are closed so you can walk around and it's quiet. There are still a few places open such as the Crosse Keys, probably my favourite Wetherspoons pub.

Before we started out I did some research to see if there was some where I hadn't been in the city and there was. Saint Dunstan in the East Church Garden.

We got the train to Liverpool Street and walked towards the Church Garden taking a few shots on the way.

We found Saint Dunstan, it is in between Monument and Tower Hill. I would recommend taking a look at the Monument if you can, its a great reminder of what happened in 1666. The small church garden provides an area of tranquility within the hustle and bustle of the city. You are transported to a parallel London.

We carried on walking down to the river Thames. Then headed back toward the Crosse Keys where we stopped for lunch and a few pints of cider. It is a great pub, at one stage it was HSBC's head quarters.

To sum up its great to get out and see places, even though I know the city, it is changing. New buildings are going up all the time and I found the hidden garden. Better than all this I was able to share and show others some interesting parts of London.