the last week - city version

Street photography - West London style.

It was 28th December and I was trying to get together the energy and enthusiasm to go out and make some photos. To aid this I watched a few YouTube videos one being by Evan Ranft who has a cool channel dedicated to photography mainly city landscapes. These videos definitely gave me a reminder that the only way to make photos is to get out there.

A place I wanted to photograph was a flyover in West London. I kind of knew where it was, so I headed out again with my Leica C and no phone so I didn't have GPS to work out exactly where I was heading.

I took the underground to White City and once there realised that it wasn't the right place but even so I got a few cool shots.

I then moved onto Shepherds Bush, where again I got a few shots. I tried not to capture people I was mainly attempting to shoot the urban area that was in-front of me. Following that I remembered there was some kind of flyover at Hammersmith, which was a bus journey away. So after getting a few more shots I treated myself to a McDonalds and brought two books from Pocket Shop. Work by Joseph Heller and Desire by Haruki Murakami. Both of these books are from the Penguin Vintage Mini collection. They feature excerpts from both of the authors work.

Back to the photography, the picture below shouts 'free party' to me. I bet there's been loads of that type of thing going on down there! If anyones planning one be sure to give me a shoutout!!