the last week - countryside version

With it being Christmas time my office has been closed, this has given me time to get out and make some photos. I travelled by train from London to my home town of Shrewsbury. I was up against a failed rail strike and snow! I had all my luggage but more importantly I had my Leica C in my pocket at all times. Its a habit I am trying to get into - each time I leave the house carry a camera (not including my iPhone).

The further I travelled north the more snow appeared, I attempted to capture this from sitting on the train. Looking out the train window and trying to get some good shots, I found myself looking at the sky, fields and trees - the passing scenery was so refreshing. I normally see 'city', but with the snow also on show it was all a powerful scene. I was also listening to Radiohead the In Rainbow album which I think is great. So that probably help set the mood.

Once I arrived in Shrewsbury I obviously had Christmas shopping to do, but after that I wanted to get out and capture the snow and how it looked. I took quite a few shots on black and white film but I haven't had that processed yet, so above and below are a few captures I made using my Leica point and shoot.