street photography walk - Clerkenwell to Finsbury Park

Thursday evening, rather than go the pub and drink overpriced pints and say things that I've already said I walked from Clerkenwell to Finsbury Park. The main aim of the walk was to take some pictures and this time I gave myself a challenge. An idea that I got from Vijce, a cool street photographer. My plan was to shoot patterns and or repetitions. 

With it being November the London streets aren't the most inviting for street photography, but the darkness and the misty rain hopefully would assist in getting a good shot. Once you see passed the conditions you should make them work for you. I was using my DSLR with the 50mm, 1.4 lens. I sorted out my settings, putting the ISO up to 1600 and selecting a shutter speed of 100/1 and set it to TV mode. 

Having a specific remit whilst looking for shots was something different to how I usually think. It was a new workflow and didn't take too much time to get in that mode. Usually when capturing street photography I just look for good shots but now my mind was focussing and looking around for anything that resembled a pattern.

However there are still things that I paid attention to, as night street photography is very different to that in the day. You might already be doing these subconsciously but if not be sure to:

  • look where the light sources are i.e. passing cars, lamppost
  • pay attention to contrasts and possible silhouettes
  • use the lights sources as leading lines
  • view colours and reflections

Above and below are a selection of the shots I took, I have converted a few to black and white. I like the way black and white images use the grain from the high 1600. I think this adds to the mood.