space in shooting

'Space in shooting' is a method of photography that I often find myself shooting. I don't go out with the idea of capturing shots this way, but I do like the de-cluttered look and a simple view. I think space in shooting allows the viewer to concentrate on what is in the image. This could be an object, different colours, a composition or a certain meaning. I think this can be applied to all types of photography, street, landscape or portrait.

You can learn more about this topic by understanding negative and positive space. 'Space in shooting' can only work if both negative and positive spaces work together. I think naturally as a photographer develops an eye the space in shooting will become a normal part of capturing an image.

From a personal point of view I enjoy shooting this way, I like the minimalist result (less is more). I am drawn to the simple and soft approach of these images. They can force the viewer to think a bit harder about the image. It doesn't give them the full story, they have to work it out!

To work on this you can obviously go out and shoot, but to also help here is a great video from the Art of Photography

The shots below were all taken in Spain this (2017) summer.