Street Photography - East London

Matt and I met up at the Trader Pub, Whitecross Street, London. We had a pint before getting out there. With it being the first time out shooting in the darker nights of autumn we needed to work out our camera settings. Putting the camera on an automatic setting and shooting at night lets the camera capture images how it wants and not how I want. 

Night photography

I wanted the images to remain dark and the city lights to pop out. So maintaining the details in the darks I didn't want the ISO to be too high. So I started out 800, with the possibility of going to 1600 but no higher than this. I decided to shoot in Shutter Priority (TV) mode at 1/100. This isn't something I would normally do, but I didn't want blurry lights and with the shots to be 'handheld' it would be necessary to go this high. So the camera would only be working out the Aperture, which I expected to be around 2.4.

I was shooting with my Canon 550d with my 24mm prime (pancake) lens. I hadn't used this lens for a while, since I got my 50mm I pretty much forgot I had the 24mm. But with it being so small and light it allows the 550d to be a street camera without hassle and the photos - I guess have a look and see what you think. I personally think its a great lens and the image quality is very good, and with it being 24mm you can fit in quite a lot of a scene and you don't have to get as close in as with a 50mm. Plus it is considerably cheaper. As the night continued it emerged that the 24mm lens is perfect for street photography.

As we headed east we found ourselves in East London, Whitechapel which we found was a good area for street photography. The whole area had a cool vibe, the streets had enough people around on a Friday night to keep it interesting and give us subjects to capture. Whitechapel also has a cool gallery and decent boozers!

Below are some of the shots from that night. You can see that I managed to keep a certain amount of detail in the shadows and I was happy with the 24mm lens results.