everyday street photography

When I go to a new place I can't wait to experience and get a feel for it. A regular part of this process involves exploring and capturing what I've seen on camera. Its great to be able to look back at shots from different places and times. Through street photography I can instantly be transported back to where a shot was taken, and from the picture remember other things that were also taking place at the same time/area. But one thing I forget to do and maybe you do too? Is shoot the everyday, this is I'm sure just as important, if not more so!

Without knowing, places where you live are a part of what defines you so why not capture it? It might seem a bit of a challenge at first as you see these scenes everyday. Shoot where you live, where you work, people you see, things you do. In my case it's London and street photography that helps me capture all of these.

Below are some random shots captured from when I was travelling on the Piccadilly Line on the London Underground. These tell a story just as much as anywhere else.

There are lots of people who shoot London and do a great job of it. I recently came across a street photographer called Ronya Galka, check her out and another cool resource is SPL.