Oslo, on reflection

A week ago I had the opportunity to go to Oslo, Norway. So with a slightly amended approach to things, I said I'm going and I went. Whilst I was there the weather was good it was warm during the day and colder at night, pretty obvious really. On the afternoon of the second day I had just finished coffee tasting and leaving Tim Windelboe's roastery had just missed the rain.

This was good news in that we wouldn't be getting wet but what I found to be better news was that there were the reflections of the rain puddles everywhere. Some might see this as somewhere to get wet but I saw it as an opportunity to make some cool photos. So I snapped away. I was now looking for reflections everywhere and anywhere. 

Below are some of the images I captured. The first two are rain puddle reflections and the third is a thrift store shop window. Looking at the first two I could rotate them so they seem the right way up. But I like the way they look and yes you guessed it, it wouldn't be a true reflection. The third picture I like the way the building seems to fit into shot.