I don't live in Brixton anymore

So I recently moved from South London to East London. Leaving Brixton I wasn't too disappointed but that's another story. What Brixton is good for, but everyone already knows is street photography. It wasn't rare to see a fellow photographer covertly snapping away, attempting to capture the urban, downtown urban vibe that Brixton gives off.

Whilst living there I tried to take pictures when walking around but I didn't find it as easy as in some places. Maybe because it can almost be too busy, you need to find the quiet(er) parts, well I did. Also not everyone likes having their photo taken, especially the owner of Michael's Meats (maybe a Michael?). 

Below are a few shots I captured from walking around Brixton. Brixton is a cool place. Its real London, its tough and its not for the faint hearted.